Local Mission Development Committee

The Local Mission Development Committee exists to:

  1. offer support to those catalysing, developing and nurturing local mission;
  2. provide a resource to serve and to be energised by the College of Bishops in their role as leaders of mission; and
  3. be tasked by Mission Board and/or the College of Bishops to undertake particular projects relating to local mission development.

The Committee recognises that mission essentially takes place locally rather than provincially. It therefore seeks to encourage and enable local and Diocesan work, and to help share the good news of this work to catalyse and nurture development across the Province.

The work of the Committee includes identifying and sharing information, resources, good practice and good news stories; and offering to Mission Board for its approval proposed initiatives to be offered across Dioceses of the Province and to the formal structures of the Church.

The Committee tends to work informally and is open to co-opting people who might not feel they could serve on the committee in the long-term but have gifts and skills to offer to help with particular projects. If you have an idea to share or a gift or skill to offer in this area of work, please do get in touch with the Convener, Rev Diana Hall at rector.stannesdunbar@gmail.com

The Local Mission Development Committee is part of the Mission Board of the Scottish Episcopal Church.

Member Name
Rev D Hall
2023 - 2028

Dr R Brett
2023 - 2027

Rev E Charman
2023 - 2027

Rev Dr J Holden
2023 - 2027

Mr S Plant
2023 - 2027

Rev Dr R Tiplady
In attendance