Services and Ceremonies for Ash Wednesday and Holy Week 1967

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In 1948 the College of Bishops issued a small book entitled ‘Services and Ceremonies for Ash Wednesday and Holy Week’.

It is generally felt that this book is now out of date and that a new one should be provided, especially in the light of the revised rites for Holy Week and Easter as used in Western Christendom, hence the production of this book.

As a result of the Liturgical Movement a new interest is being taken in the observance of Holy Week.

Its concern is with the redeeming work of Christ and with the Church to which his redemptive acts gave birth, and through which their effects are mediated to men.

All this is summed up and renewed in the Paschal Rites which, through the centuries, have developed into the Holy Week and Easter Observance, and which each year proclaim that it is by his Cross and Passion and by his glorious Resurrection that mankind and the world shall find deliverance.

This publication includes liturgies for:

  • Ash Wednesday
  • Holy Week
  • Palm Sunday
  • Maundy Thursday
  • Good Friday
  • The Paschal Vigil

Authorised for permissive use under Canon 23-8, on behalf of the College of Bishops of the Episcopal Church in Scotland.