Scottish Episcopal Institute (SEI)

The Scottish Episcopal Institute forms those preparing for a variety of authorised ministries in the Scottish Episcopal Church, lay and ordained, and in the United Reformed Church in Scotland, shaping vibrant missional ministers for today’s world. It encourages an ethos of ongoing learning for all involved in ministry, both through its oversight of Continuing Ministerial Development and in the encouragement and resourcing of lifelong enquiry in a learning church.

SEI has a Provincial Office, based in Edinburgh, and a dispersed operation throughout all seven dioceses of the SEC.

This site includes details of our provincial and diocesan staff.

SEI’s work is overseen by the Institute Council.

The College of Bishops has recently agreed that the Scottish Episcopal Institute should seek admission to The Common Awards in Theology, Ministry and Mission, a suite of awards validated through a partnership between the Ministry Division of the Church of England and Durham University. For full details, read here.

SEI IME Handbook 2015-16

Curates’ IME 4-6 Handbook July 2016

Curates’ IME 4-6 Pro Formas

Lay Readers’ IME 4-6 Handbook May 2016

Lay Readers’ IME 4-6 Pro Formas

Placement Handbook 2015-16

Scottish Episcopal Institute – Vision and Values

TISEC follow up report August 2014

SEI Prayer Cycle 2015-16