Standing Committee

The Standing Committee acts as the Executive Committee of the General Synod between meetings of the General Synod.  It implements General Synod decisions, and seeks to co-ordinate the work of the General Synod’s three boards.  The Standing Committee works with the College of Bishops in addressing strategic issues facing the Church as a whole.  It is also responsible for the oversight of the General Synod Office.

Its members include the Conveners of the General Synod’s three boards (including the Primus), an independent Lay Convener, a further lay member and two clerical members appointed by General Synod and a representative of the College of Bishops.

Member Name
Ms B Campbell
2020 - 2025

Rt Rev the Bishop of Edinburgh
College of Bishops

Most Rev the Primus
Convener, Faith & Order Board

Very Rev S E Murray
Convener, Mission Board
2020 - 2025

Mrs J Whiteside
Convener, Administration Board
2024 - 2029

Rt Rev the Bishop of Aberdeen and Orkney
Convener, Institute Council
2020 - 2025

Very Rev K Holdsworth
General Synod Representative (Clergy)
2023 - 2027

Rev D Hall
General Synod Representative (Clergy)
2024 - 2028

Dr A Martin
General Synod Representative (laity)
2023 - 2027