Online Worship

A Celebration of the Eucharist for the Second Sunday of Lent

For the Second Sunday of Lent the Rt Rev Dr John Armes leads a Celebration of the Eucharist from his home in Edinburgh.

The service will start at 11am and you can download the order of service here:

You can join the service at:

Bishop John is joined by the Rev Sarah Shaw and the Rev Willie Shaw who are the readers and intercessors. Music comes from the Choirs of Old Saint Paul’s, Edinburgh and Holy Trinity, Melrose.

Children’s Chapel

There will be a short service for young children from 8am led by the Rev Tembu Rongong and the Very Rev Sarah Murray.

You can join this week’s Children’s Chapel from 8am at:

In addition to the online resources, there is a telephone service to allow those who do not have internet access to listen to the service of worship by telephone. The facility is free of charge for anyone calling by landline or mobile phone from within the UK. It will be helpful if those who have online access to worship continue to use that method rather than using the telephone line, to avoid unnecessary additional cost incurred by the GSO, and we would also appreciate help in reaching non-internet users who are unable to see this information.

Anyone who would like full details of how to access the telephone line, in order to share them with someone who needs this service should email

Subtitles are available on both platforms, if selected by the user. Look for the CC icon at the bottom of the display screen on YouTube; on Facebook, go to Settings, then Video, then select Always Show Captions.

A list of Scottish Episcopal churches offering their own online worship is available here.

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