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Online worship – Lent 2

This Sunday’s Celebration of the Eucharist comes from St John’s, Princes Street, Edinburgh.

Music is led by the congregation and choir at St John’s under the direction of David Goodenough.

The service follows the 1982 Scottish Liturgy and can be viewed here.

You can join the service from 11am at:


The communications team at the Scottish Episcopal Church has created two documents which are designed to provide support and guidance to those involved in delivering online worship, from those who might be starting out for the first time to those who are well-practiced in this area but would like to consider further development of their offering.

The guides do not provide a definitive summary of all aspects of live or pre-recorded worship, but instead address many of the commonly asked questions and offers guidance on what type of online worship might best suit a congregations’ circumstances. For some, the guides might not be detailed enough in some areas, and further external research might be required. For others, the guides will look daunting and complex, but it should be stressed that not all sections will be applicable to the average reader, who can take from the guide whatever information they find useful and leave the rest. We hope the guides will be useful as churches prepare for a future which embraces and utilises digital technology like never before. In addition, SEC guidance for using video conferencing platform Zoom is also available. at this link: Zoom guidelines and tips for Scottish Episcopal Church use If you have any comments or suggestions to make, please contact Aidan Strange, Digital Communications Co-ordinator, at or Donald Walker, Director of Communications, at